The Ultimate Freedom

On today’s hike I saw a young woman carrying her paddleboard out of the sea, barefooted, about to cross the road back to her home. I told her that it looked like she was living the dream, and she said it was only the second time she’d been out on the water. She pointed to a distant structure in the sea and told me she’d got out as far as that and it felt really far away and she got scared, but she made it back. She had that look of wild elation.

She asked me where I was going and I told her about my solo hike. I told her how I loved the freedom to choose where I was going and sometimes I felt scared but it made me feel alive. I told her how good it was to see a solo woman coming out of the sea with her board tucked under her arm, the ultimate freedom.

I’m about to complete my final refresher driving lesson before my road trip in a campervan in September. I know I’ll feel scared, not having driven for over ten years, but I know I’ll feel free and alive. I’ll be announcing more details in my next newsletter (link on page).

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Fifty-five-year-old woman flying solo since 2010. Freelance writer, editor, hiker, traveller, yoga teacher. Alcohol-, child-, and hair-dye-free.

4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Freedom”

  1. I can’t wait to hear all. I too haven’t driven for 10 years and the thought scares me – well done you 👏


  2. Wow, that is scary and I remember reading of your troubles with a campervan before.

    I’ve been driving for nearly fifty years, and am behind the wheel of something or other most days, but when I go out on a bicycle (rarely) I get a feeling of sheer terror.

    I hope it works, I’m sure it will, and look forward to the stories.


    1. My previous troubles with a campervan were with the man in it with me. I actually had no problem driving it around NZ. My issue is drivers in the UK who are really aggressive. Plus I can’t wait to be on my own behind the wheel, just as I was in my red mini as a girl in Wales.


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